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MFG Private Client Services is tailored to serve individuals and families with high-net-worth, specifically those with investable assets exceeding $1,000,000.

The value of an advisor extends beyond their expertise in investments. Over time, many high-net-worth Individuals come to recognize that adept advisors not only excel at addressing fundamental financial planning needs but also possess a talent for macro thinking. This means they comprehend how your seemingly simple financial threads intricately weave into a complex big picture. 

Wealth is inherently multifaceted, and safeguarding it from taxes requires a nuanced approach. Investing, akin to juggling, demands the simultaneous management of various elements. The same complexity applies to estate planning and crafting complex insurance strategies.

MFG planning relationships demonstrate proficiency in each of these endeavors—or alternatively, quarterbacking  services from specialist sub-advisors, addressing your needs in distinct and specialized categories.

Portfolio Design & Management 

High-net-worth individuals often have significant assets, and preserving that wealth is a top priority. A well-designed portfolio considers risk management strategies, diversification overlays, and asset allocation to help protect wealth during market volatility.

Advanced Financial Planning

Advanced planning is particularly crucial for high-net-worth individuals due to the complexity of their financial situations and the magnitude of their assets. Working with a team of professionals, including financial advisors, estate planners, and tax experts, is often essential to develop and implement a comprehensive advanced planning strategy.

Legacy Value & Estate Planning

High-net-worth individuals often have substantial assets that they want to pass on to future generations. Advanced planning is essential to develop comprehensive estate plans, including strategies to minimize estate taxes, establish trusts, and ensure a smooth transfer of wealth.

Tax Efficient  Investing

 Tax-efficient investing is crucial for high-net-worth individuals to preserve wealth, maximize after-tax returns, navigate complex tax situations, manage capital gains, plan for income taxes, diversify for tax efficiency, leverage tax-advantaged accounts, address estate taxes, optimize asset location, and adapt to changes in tax laws.