Our Story

Founded in 2006 by Dan McCabe, McCabe Financial Group (MFG) is unwavering in its commitment to prioritizing clients. Dan's background in a major multinational bank underscored the vital role of personalized, client-centric service. Choosing independence has allowed MFG to step away from the cookie-cutter approach seen in larger institutions, focusing on building long-term relationships, and providing tailored solutions that cater to individual needs and goals. MFG takes a planning-based approach for each client, recognizing the unique financial landscape each individual faces.

Collaborating with LPL Financial, an independent firm, aligns with MFG's values, ensuring access to a diverse array of financial products and tools in the open market. This freedom enables unbiased advice and personalized recommendations based on each client's financial situation.

A cornerstone of MFG's success is the trust and loyalty of its clients. Many original clients have stayed with the firm over the years. Serving subsequent generations is a testament to the enduring relationships and positive outcomes achieved. In an industry where over 80% of the second-generation transitions away from their parents' financial professional, MFG takes pride in the legacy of transitioning many clients' children and grandchildren to their services. This success is a testament to the client-tailored experience provided by MFG.

Priding itself on being multigenerational, both in operations and within its client base, MFG stands out. Over-time, MFG team members Tom McCabe & Christy Walsh are poised to continue the MFG legacy for generations to come, ensuring a seamless transition and continued excellence in financial planning and client service.